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European Day of Music in Schools

European Day of Music in School: MARCH 15th 2023, 11 am CET (Central European Time). YouTube Live Stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMOLHPwCn6A (!!! nieuwe link !!!)

The European Association for Music in School invites students, teachers, and parents to participate in virtual celebration of the European Day of Music in School. Join by singing, playing, dancing with the whole Europe, and celebrate music education!

There are two ways to connect – via Zoom and via YouTube.

Zoom is for those who want to be visible, write a greeting in the chart section, are ready to show a drawing of their country (see the info below). Zoom is intended primarily for students, classes, schools, teachers (because the event takes place during the school day). Please, send an e-mail for Zoom-link if you want to participate.

YouTube is for those who just want to participate into the event. Or for those who won’t be able to connect to zoom.

  • Write your greetings and the name of your country in the chat section to friends all across the continent.

You can greet, wish, specify your school or country, add smileys.

Please, no political comments.

  • Keep the camera turned on during the event – let us all see each other.
  • Sing EuDaMuS song with the whole Europe 

The microphones will be muted, but we hope you will feel the communion of singing with European students. To learn the song use the karaoke version of the song https://youtu.be/Qcia6p3kyo8

  • Create a picture with the name of your country and show it at the end of the translation.

Present your country or school by creating a drawing. When you connect it to the computer camera, we will see a beautiful picture on the screen. Or you can use the flags of your country. It is what we will do at the end of the event.

Looking forward to seeing you on March 15!






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