About the researcher

Benno Spieker Ph.D. student holds a master in musicology since he graduated from Utrecht University in 2015 (cum laude), after he graduated from the bachelor music teacher in music in schools at the conservatory of ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem in 2003 and worked as a music teacher at a secondary school and subsequently as a music pedagogy trainer at a teacher academy.

Currently, Benno is a music pedagogy trainer/educator at the bachelor music in education at the conservatory of ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede (NL), specialised in technology enhanced music education. He is also a part-time staff member of the Dutch foundation Méér muziek in de klas, promoting music in primary education.

Since 2017, Benno is working towards a Ph.D., thereby focusing on interaction technology in general music education and in music pedagogy training. Therefore he is collaborating with the research groups of Human Media Interaction at University of Twente and IPEM at Ghent University.

Benno is a board member of the Dutch association of music teachers in schools (VLS) and since 2021 the EAS national coordinator for the Netherlands .

To keep a healthy connection with the music practice, Benno is a songwriter and plays drums/percussion with Dutch soprano singer Laura Engel and her En-canto and .

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-3210-4993

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