In the Zone: An interactive educational technology based on symmetrical entrainment

As a first step in exploring how interactive music systems can contribute to music education in primary education in the Netherlands, a new social music game In the Zone (ITZ) was developed and tested.

ITZ consists of four drum pads, positioned around a computer screen facing upwards. ITZ allows participants to drum together while in real time receiving visual feedback on the accuracy in synchronization of their joint drumming. When a certain degree of accuracy in synchronicity is established over a certain amount of drum hits, a circle is presented on a computer screen. This may challenge participants to synchronize more accurately.

ITZ was developed in 2015 as part of the master thesis musicology at Utrecht University (NL) with support from IPEM (B). The thesis (written in Dutch) can be obtained as a pdf-file (open access).

During development, the proceeding was published in a blog (written in Dutch). Further development will be published in a blog on this website (in English).

ITZ was presented at the ESCOM2017 conference on research in music┬ácognition (July, 31st – August, 4th, Ghent). A click on the picture will open the poster on a new page).

In the years to come, ITZ will be enhanced, improved and expanded for research purposes in accordance with the current Ph.D. research.